Executive Team
(Shuli Ozeri (BSc, MBA

with over 13 years’ experience consulting for organizations and companies in various sectors. Shuli specializes in service and operations, leading organization-wide service policy implementation projects, creating and improving service and sales divisions, improving business effectiveness based on customer feedback, organizational structure, work processes and interfaces, task definition, information systems analysis, etc.

Dr. Mickey Wangenheim
Executive Chairman

Mickey has over 25 years’ experience consulting for companies and organizations in Israel and the world over. He advises leading organizations in managerial and operational strategy, business development, and business administration and optimization. In addition to his work as a consultant, Mickey is active in a number of start-ups, and lectures at conferences and academic institutions.

Dr. Nachum Fossfeld
Founding partner and director at Ergo

Nachum has over 25 years’ experience consulting for organizations and companies on integrative projects designed to improve managerial and operational effectiveness. Such projects are characterized by complex change processes and integrate aspects of organizational consulting and development, organization and methods, knowledge management, implementation, and human factors engineering (ergonomics).

(.Eva Honeyman (M.A
Head of the Ergonomics Division and project manager

Eva has over 20 years’ experience consulting for organizations and companies. Specializing in ergonomic design, workstations, manual handling, and ergonomics training. Eva completed her graduate studies in Australia, is a guest lecturer at the University of New South Wales in Australia, and serves as the secretary of the Israel Ergonomics Association.

(Osnat Bar-Noy (BSc, MBA
Partner-director and senior consultant

Osnat has over 12 years’ experience consulting for large commercial organizations, specializing in organizational analysis, work processes and interfaces, organizational structure, task definitions, definition of functional requirements for operational systems, operations and service performance management.

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