Ergonomics and Accessibility

Ergonomics and Accessibility – the road to operational and service excellence

Ergonomics (Human Factors Engineering) deals with planning and implementing solutions in the workplace environment, in order to achieve efficiency, safety and employee satisfaction.

ERGO Consulting Group – the most experienced consulting firm in Israel in the field of Ergonomics. For the past 30 years ERGO strives to help organizations and employees to improve their work processes, tools and environment, in order to achieve productivity, efficiency, meet business goals, reduce employee absences and turnover and improve employees satisfaction.

In order to achieve this, ERGO engages in planning, implementing and assimilating an optimal interface between the working person and his work station, work tools and systems he operates in the department, the production line, the customer service system, etc.

ERGO’s professional approach sees a great advantage for the organization and its customers in integrating solutions and applications from several fields of knowledge, such as Ergonomics, Industrial Engineering and Management, Organization and Methods, Management, Knowledge Management, Operations and Customer Service. ERGO examines its success by using performance measures such as productivity, financial savings, learning time, quality indices, safety indices, employee satisfaction, and more.

Organizational accessibility to people with disabilities
ERGO provides organizations and businesses with the full range of services required to meet accessibility requirements for people with disabilities, as required by the Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Law 1998 and the relevant regulations and standards:

Accessibility for Infrastructure, Environment and Building – Modifications that require building approval from the local authority
Accessibility of Services – adapting the service processes provided by the organization / business to the needs of people with disabilities

Our rich background of over 30 years enables ERGO to provide our customers with professional, high quality, fast and practical service, to the satisfaction of management, employees and customers

Our Experts

(.Eva Hanniman (M.A
Head of the Ergonomics Division

and project manager. Eva has over 20 years’ experience consulting for organizations and companies. Specializing in ergonomic design, workstations, manual handling, and ergonomics training. Eva completed her graduate studies in Australia, is a guest lecturer at the University of New South Wales in Australia, and serves as the secretary of the Israel Ergonomics Association.

Dr. Nachum Fossfeld
Founding partner and director at Ergo

Nachum has over 25 years’ experience consulting for organizations and companies on integrative projects designed to improve managerial and operational effectiveness. Such projects are characterized by complex change processes and integrate aspects of organizational consulting and development, organization and methods, knowledge management, implementation, and human factors engineering (ergonomics).

Sample Projects

Ergonomic design of roads instructional sinage for drivers: Improving the effectiveness of road signs for the driver and pedestrian
Ergonomic survey of potential safety hazards for the patients in 4 Neonatal Intensive Care Units

Our Services

  • Ergonomics in Medical Services
  • Ergonomics in Public Transportation
  • Ergonomics In Work Environment Health and Safety (EHS)
  • Ergonomic Design of Organizational Forms
  • Functional Layout for Organizations
  • Ergonomics in Laboratories and Offices
  • Ergonomics of Manual Material Handling
  • Ergonomic Hazards Safety Surveys
  • Ergonomic Optimization of Work Stations and Production Lines
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