Operational and Service Excellence

Turning operations into a competitive advantage

Ergo’s experts in operational and performance excellence help turn organizations into a well-oiled machines. To this end, we improve and optimize organizational structure, infrastructure, tasks, work processes, interfaces and information systems. We implement procedures, determine workforce standardization, develop performance metrics, define required service level, and enhance operational excellence and performance improvement. We define requirements for information systems, and develop managerial tools. Ergo incorporates human factors engineering, examining and improving the ergonomics of workstations, tools, work environments, services, and products – for the benefit of employees and clients. Our clients benefit from “lean” and effective operational systems with clear advantages over competitors. Our team includes highly experienced experts in industrial engineering, business administration, economics, and human factors engineering (ergonomics), all with the same goal: making your organization successful.

Significant improvements are achieved by through a combination of:

  • Market-leading solutions
  • Business performance management
  • Customer experience, feedback management, and customer satisfaction
  • Optimization
  • Balancing organizational constraints (culture, human capital, budget, etc.)
  • Benchmarking in Israel and abroad

Presentation – OPEX & OmniChannel in a leading Insurance group

Our Experts

Dr. Nachum Fossfeld
Founding partner and director at Ergo

Nachum has over 25 years experience consulting for organizations and companies on integrative projects designed to improve managerial and operational effectiveness. Such projects are characterized by complex change processes and integrate aspects of organizational consulting and development, organization and methods, knowledge management, implementation, and human factors engineering ergonomics.

Shuli Ozeri BSc

with over 13 years experience consulting for organizations and companies in various sectors. Shuli specializes in service and operations, leading organization-wide service policy implementation projects, creating and improving service and sales divisions, improving business effectiveness based on customer feedback, organizational structure, work processes and interfaces, task definition, information systems analysis, etc.

Osnat Bar Noy MBA
Partner-director and Senior consultant

Osnat has over 12 years experience consulting for large commercial organizations, specializing in organizational analysis, work processes and interfaces, organizational structure, task definitions, definition of functional requirements for operational systems, operations and service performance management.

Rotem Yarkoni MBA
Partner-director and senior consultant

 with over 10 years experience consulting for organizations and companies in Israel and around the world. Rotem specializes in process improvement, organizational analysis, work process and interface analysis, operations, standardization, performance management, and knowledge management..

Sample Projects

Customer contact overview, consolidation of call centers, back-front consolidation

Defining multi-channel service policy

Operational information enhancement on website

Standardization and costing

Mailings work processes improvement

Signage and wayfinding in hospitals

Identification of potential risks in neonatal intensive care units

Our Services
  • Service policies for customer segments Customer
  • Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Contact center
  • Multi-channel support
  • Quality of service
  • standardization queuing correlated to customer satisfaction considerations
  • Service Level Agreement SLA
  • Knowledge management in service and sales divisions
  • Event-driven feedback
  • Organizational analysis
  • Business processes and interfaces
  • Task definitions and task analysis (including Performance-oriented Task Analysis)
  • Sourcing and procurement
  • Benchmarking performance measures
  • Supply chain management
  • Cost efficiency
  • Procedures
  • Improving organizational forms and mailings libraries
  • Defining functional
  • requirements for information systems
  • Implementing processes and information systems
  • Industrial engineers
  • Survey researchers and analysts
  • Analysts
  • Ergonomic design of workstations and systems
  • Design and improvement of work environment at the office and in industry
  • Manual handling (loads, epidemiology)
  • Design and improvement of human-computer interfaces
  • Ergonomic training
  • Human factors engineering applications in transportation, health services, and work safety
  • Human factors engineering applications in signage and wayfinding
  • Risk management in health systems
  • Applied research in effectiveness assessment
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