For over three decades ERGO CONSULTING GROUP has operated in the Israeli and international markets advising on strategy, management, and operations.

We help our clients meet the challenges of a competitive and dynamic environment that demands changes in perceptions and supporting technologies.

We provide integrative consulting for organizations and businesses to achieve business excellence, and managerial and operational optimization.

We are committed to exceptional results and service.

Ergo’s team of leaders combine expertise with experience, and offer an opportunity to learn from the best. We aim to connect ambitious people with talent, knowledge, experience, and motivation in order to help our clients shape their future.

Ergo believes in the importance of its human capital for the continued prosperity of Ergo and its clients. In order to attract and challenge the most talented people we aim to create a work environment that inspires excellence, creativity, and professional and personal development.

We are always looking for candidates who strive for continual learning and find satisfaction in looking for insights even when there is no clear solution.

Our Services


  • Knowledge Management Strategy Development
  • Knowledge Management Applications
  • Training Implementation


  • Operational Excellence
  • Service and Sales Leadership
  • Benchmarking performance measures
  • Ergonomics


  • Organizational Strategy
  • Business models
  • KPI’s
  • Management Tools


  • Ergonomics / Human Factors Engineering
  • Functional planning
  • Accessibility
  • Training, Workshops and lectures
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